Your Residents Probably Miss Interacting With Farm Animals

Luckily, we set up petting zoos for adults in the Windsor, Loveland, CO area and beyond

A retirement community doesn't feel like home to senior citizens who grew up on farms. Luckily, Ellie's Little Farm can help your residents relive their childhoods, at least for a little while. Allow us to set up a petting zoo for adults at your community in Windsor, Loveland, CO or a surrounding area.

Senior citizens can interact with goats, ducks, chicks and bunnies for now. Call 970-833-1338 now to find out when these new animals are expected to join the menagerie.

A unique kind of social activity

Setting up a petting zoo at your retirement home is sure to intrigue your residents, even those who don't usually participate in group activities. A typical day at the barnyard includes:

  • Petting the farm animals, of course
  • Sharing stories of farm life
  • Feeding time
Our petting zoo for adults travels throughout the Windsor & Loveland, CO area. Contact us today to book our mobile petting zoo.