Capture Candid Moments With Cute Animals

Book an animal photography session in Windsor, Loveland, CO or a surrounding area

Did you know you can take pictures at a petting zoo? That's right: Ellie's Little Farm can set up a barnyard in your backyard. Our staff can help make your live animal photography session go off without a hitch. Although we're based in Windsor, CO, we can bring our farm animals to daycares, schools and retirement homes throughout the area.

Call 970-833-1338 now to book an animal photography session with goats, ducks, chicks and bunnies!

Everyone say "cheese"!

Our farm animals are accustomed to being petted and photographed. However, our staff will be on hand to keep them at ease. Booking a photography session with live animals is a great way to:

  • Announce your child's birth in a cute and creative way
  • Capture precious moments of the whole family
  • Do something different for a change
Remember, we can host photography sessions with animals anywhere in the Windsor & Loveland, CO area. Reach out today to make an appointment.